Rock Climbing

If your looking to experience rock climbing outdoors there is a vast array of options available to explore in South Wales; From coastal climbs on the beautiful Gower coastline to limestone cliffs in the Wye valley, I offer a variety of different courses to choose from, which will be tailored to meet your needs.

Introduction to rock climbing  and abseiling (1 day)

A full day climbing and abseiling at one of our many venues in South Wales and Gower. I will ensure that I’ll  pick a venue to suit your needs and aspirations.

This one day course is aimed at novice climbers who may or may not have climbed indoors but would like to give climbing a go outside.

( under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent)

Ratios        Max 1:8

Cost           £40 based on a minimum of 4 bookings



Rock Climbing and Abseiling Progression (1 day)

If you have already climbed indoors or outdoors and would like to progress your rock climbing skills but not yet confident to go outdoors on your own, then this one day course will be designed around your needs. There will be options to visit coastal venues such as Three Cliffs Bay or Inland venues such as the Wye valley; if sport climbing is more your thing, we could also visit one of the many sport climbing venues in South Wales.

During the day I will look at developing your climbing movement skills and have you seconding as many  routes as possible, picking up rope skills along the way.  This one day course would be a great stepping stone before moving onto our learn to lead course.

Ratios      1:2

Cost     £75pp based on a minimum of two bookings



Family Climbing Adventure

There is nothing more I enjoy then taking my young family on a climbing adventure, my daughter is 7 years old and son is 4 years old. Their safety is my main priority, along side fun and inspiring them to want to climb. Your family will be in safe hands, throughout  the day I will aim to inspire confidence, demonstrate  patience and be very flexible to provide a great family day out which will give you lasting memories and great photos.

Ratios Max 1:5

Cost £150 (per family of 4 or 5)

learn to lead sport climbing course (2 days)

This is an ideal course for regular indoor climbers or climbers who have seconded outdoors. We will cover skills, techniques such as:

  • Interpreting  guide books and grades
  • Personal Equipment
  • Tying in
  • Coiling ropes
  • Knots
  • Checking and storing equipment
  • Lead belaying
  • Movement skills
  • Clipping quick draws
  • Checking bolts and fixed gear
  • Using a clip stick
  • Change overs and stance management
  • Direct and indirect belays
  • Lowering
  • Retreating from routes ( personal abseiling)
  •  Solving problems and how to prevent e.g z-clipping, back clipping
  • Falling
  • Lead climbing

Ratios Max 1:2

Cost £150 (per person) based on a minimum of two people

Dates TBC

learn to lead trad climbing course (2 days)

This is an ideal course for regular indoor climbers or climbers who have seconded outdoors. We will cover skills, techniques using my learn to lead skills checklist such as:

  • Tying in
  • coiling ropes
  • interpreting guide books
  • seconding lead climbs
  • climbing calls
  • clipping unclipping quickdraws
  • climbing movement
  • Lead belaying
  • Attaching to single and multipoint anchors
  • Belaying from above
  • placing gear
  • Abseiling and retreating from climbs
  • Dealing and preventing problems

By the end of the two days you will have the opportunity to lead your first climbs and be confident to go out and try it for yourself.

Ratios 1:2

Cost £150pp (based on a minimum of two bookings)

Dates. TBC

Intensive learn to lead course trad (5 days)

If you have ever wanted to learn the skills and techniques to climb outdoors placing leader place protection, setting up anchors and belay. Then this 5 day course is designed for you. Throughout the week we will cover a range of techniques and get you leading your first routes. After the course you will be well prepared to climb under your own steam.

Ratios 1:2

Cost    £300pp ( based on a minimum of two)

Advanced rope work course (1day)

During the day we will work through common climbing problems and how to avoid them. Then we  We look at and practice more advance ropework skills such as passing a knot, acending and descending a rope, unassisted/ assisted hoists, escaping the system.

Ratio     1:4

Cost     £50pp (based on minimum of 3 bookings)

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