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There’s nothing better then going out in the hills and mountains of the Uk, we have so much on offer and so many places to explore. I have been lucky enough to lead many groups into the hills and mountains in sometimes very difficult conditions. With experience and knowledge exploring these areas is an amazing adventure, if you have the skills.

I deliver hill and mountain skills courses. These courses are aimed to give out the skills to start exploring the hills and mountains.  The Brecon Beacons is a great venue for the hill skills courses and learning to navigate or maybe an overnight trip to take part in the Mountain skills course, which involves a night navigation exercise and camp craft skills. Alternatively I can travel and deliver courses any where in the United Kingdom.

During the courses we will cover  a range of topics from navigation, equipment, nutrition, mountain weather, hazards to moving safely over steep terrain and night navigation. There is no assessment only an opportunity to learn essential hill and mountain skills to give you the confidence to explore in any weather.

Below I have a list of courses, These can be run at any time of the year.

Hill Skills – Introduction to Navigation ( 2 Day Course)


During the two day course, you will be given the opportunity to visit and explore the Brecon Beacons.

The course will begin with a short classroom session aimed at developing a basics understanding of different types of maps, scales, symbols, contour lines, measuring distance, timings and features of a compass.

After the classroom session, we will then go out on the hill and practice. Navigation will be a large part of the day but we will also talk about equipment, the environment, weather, hazards and route choice.

The day will finish with a short debrief and an action plan for the following day.

Day two will consist of a full day out on the hill, consolidating what we covered the previous day, with the addition of basic navigational strategies such as aiming off, attack points and using transit points for relocation.

By the end of the two days you will have a clear understanding of the skills required to plan and navigate hill walks, you will know your limitations and this will give you the confidence to start exploring new routes.

Course dates


Ratios     1-6

Cost         £75 ( based on a min of 4 bookings)

Mountain Skills – Advanced Navigation ( 2 Day Course Including Night Navigation)


This course is designed as a progression from the hill skills course.

After completing a hill skills course and consolidating your personal navigation skills. We will look at developing your navigational knowledge by looking at strategies used in poor visibility and more complex terrain and give you a deeper understanding of contour features, following bearings, route choice and planning appropriate routes into the hills and mountains. In addition we will look at and use GPS systems and discuss the pros and cons of using them.

One evening during the course we will arrange to meet to complete a night navigation exercise to mimic poor visibility and the skills required to navigate safely.

By the end of the course you will have been given an in-depth look at navigation and  have a clear understanding of your limitations and recieve an action plan on what you need to develop.

Course dates


Ratios 1-6 (based on a minimum of 4 bookings)

Cost   £75 per person

Guided Hill Walking Day


If you are interested in completing a route within the Brecon Beacons wether you are new to the area or would like to be shown a new route, i can  plan and organise a day to suit your needs and aspirations. There are four main areas we could look at including the Black Mountain (Y Mynydd Du), Fforest Fawr, Breacon Beacon Central area and the Black Mountains.

The cost for the day is based on a group of 10 so why not get a group together and share the cost amongst you all.



Ratios  1-10 (Max of 10 people)

Cost £150 per day per group

Mountain challenges


If you are interested in completing a challenge as part of a personal or group challenge or maybe raise money for charity, I can help organise and lead you any where in the UK. Get in touch and we can talk things through.

Past challenges include:

  • National 3 peaks
  • welsh 3 peaks
  • Welsh 3000’s
  • Britains highest peaks

Ratio 1:8

Cost £200 per group per day

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